Sexual Abuse

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Sexual Abuse

Defining Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can occur in any setting—schools, homes, churches, and beyond—making the process of filing a sex abuse claim feel overwhelming. It's advisable to seek out a lawyer with a specialization in sex abuse claims. A knowledgeable lawyer will guide you through the ACC requirements and immediately ensure you receive the support you need. Early support options, such as counselling and whānau (family) support, are crucial.

This initial assistance provides survivors with the help they need while giving them the space to make an informed decision about pursuing a claim for cover through a supported assessment.

Survivors of sexual abuse or assault are entitled to comprehensive support without the immediate need for cover to be approved. This includes up to 14 hours of one-on-one therapy, 10 hours of social work, and 20 hours of whānau support.

For those requiring long-term assistance—which may encompass additional treatment, financial aid, and vocational support—a supported assessment will be necessary to access these extended services. This framework ensures survivors receive the compassionate and tailored support they need to heal and move forward.

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