Lump Sum Payments

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Lump Sum Payments

Lump-sum Compensation

Lump-sum compensation is available for permanent impairments, such as losing a finger due to a machine accident at work. These are single, non-taxable payments made in addition to other ACC benefits designed to provide financial support for physical injuries.


It's important to note that these lump-sum payments do not cover compensation for pain, suffering, or the diminished quality of life resulting from your impairment. However, permanent impairment encompasses not only physical injuries but also psychological harm stemming from trauma, including experiences of rape and sexual abuse. ACC recognizes the profound impact of such experiences and provides lump-sum payments for sensitive claims to support healing and recovery.


The process of receiving lump-sum compensation considers the varied origins of trauma. While it's natural to experience emotional distress following such events, some individuals may find it challenging to resume their daily lives. ACC's approach aims to offer tangible support during these difficult times, ensuring survivors receive the financial assistance they need to navigate their path to recovery.

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