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ACC advocates can help people during difficult times in their lives. Please click the link below for the ACC advocates list.

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Your Rights with ACC A Public Guide to Legal Services

Experiencing a claim rejection from ACC can intensify stress during a difficult phase of one’s life. Though we are not ACC advocates, our passion as online developers drives us to meet the demand for easily accessible information. We are in the process of creating a detailed, complimentary directory of ACC advocates and legal experts who are ready to offer their support. This directory is available for download via the pink button on our site.

Our initiative is in the development phase, and we are also working on e-books packed with beneficial information. These e-books are available for both download and online reading. We ask for your patience and understanding as we continue to develop these resources. Your support is invaluable as we strive to make this critical information readily available to those who need it.

ACC - Legal Services
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Legal Services...

An ACC advocate is independent of ACC (eg, from a community law center or health support group) willing to speak to ACC on your behalf and clarify any issues you have during the claims process. CLICK HERE.

Back Injuries...

Are you suffering from a back injury as a result of an accident?

Determining the severity of your back injury can be complex, given the myriad ways one can sustain such an injury. When filing a claim with ACC, the precision of details becomes crucial. They will require specific information, starting with the exact date and time the injury occurred. Providing accurate and detailed information is essential to ensure your claim is processed smoothly. CLICK HERE.

Sexual Abuse...

Recent discussions around ACC's support for survivors of sexual abuse and assault have made headlines, though not all have shed a positive light on the matter. As we enter 2024, it's a pivotal moment to spotlight the comprehensive, fully-funded care ACC provides, which should be accessible to all survivors. This emphasizes the importance of ensuring those affected receive the support and resources they deserve. CLICK HERE.

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