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ACC advocates can help people during difficult times in their lives. People have problems getting ACC to accept their claims. Please email us asking for the ACC advocates list to be emailed to you.


Getting your claim rejected quickly turns into unneeded stress on many people during a difficult time in their lives.

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Children With Disability NZ Registered Charity CC59148 Better Accessibility:

Children With Disability NZ...

We are a new Northland New Zealand-based registered charity striving to bring enjoyment to children's lives, our current focus is on the lack of facilities in NZ catering for disabled children.


Our mission!


To make Northland the most disability-friendly region in New Zealand. To provide more events for our disabled children their parents and siblings to enjoy togetherness.


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Accessible Whangārei: 

Getting Around...

Accessible Whangārei I am a wheelchair user, most destinations listed on this website have great accessibility, I am listing places, not for wheelchair accessibility but just good accessibility for all people.


I will explore and find some of the best accessible spots in Whangarei and Northland. I will then promote or list them here.


Whangārei is rich in culture and art we have many great cafes and places to eat and a good social atmosphere. This is a good city with good people. 2022 has just started summer is here time to get out and have fun, please stay safe.


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Trade websites.
E-commerce websites.
Search engine optimization.


We made this website...


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An ACC advocate is someone independent of ACC (eg, from a community law center or health support group) who is willing to speak to ACC on your behalf and clarify any issues you have during the claims process.

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" You do what ever it takes to get the ball over the net."



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