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ACC - Case Studies Mr. Chapman's Story

Mr. Chapman's Story...

We will be working on putting together a list of case studies starting in late 2021. This is our first case study. Mr. Chapman is an aging paraplegic.


Mr. Chapman was injured at age 14 and had ACC cover. At the age of 45, Chapman moved into an HNZ house. owing to Chapman's disability housing modifications would be needed, at the time Mr. Chapman was strong and fit to see out the kitchen windows he could lift himself using his wheelchair armrests, using his arms to raise himself enough to see out the windows.

Mr. McMillan's Story...

This is our second case study. Mr. McMillan is a hemiplegic following a 1970 head injury, this injury was before ACC came into effect. McMillan was only a child and recovered well, he did continue to walk with a limp.


Over the years McMillan had many accidents, some claims were accepted some were not. McMillans 1970 head injury was ACCs go-to place to decline claims.


As Glen aged and after much more back injures McMillan started using a walking stick to assist in walking this was needed to take the pressure off his back pain.


McMillan became more reliant on his walking stick following a 2013 go-kart accident A walking stick requires a good arm to use safely. ACC history between his head injury in 1970 and early 2016 shows he had never made a claim for falling simply because he did not have falls.


In 2016 McMillan injured his arm, the arm needed to use the walking stick, ACC accepted the claim, McMillan started having fallen, and could no longer use his walking stick safely, ACC accepted these claims but then withdraw cover.


A four-year battle followed this finally reached the resolution service where ACCs case collapsed within one minute. I will be redacting and making available this decision on McMillan's behalf.

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